Test of availability of SMBfsys mounted share

Please advice.
We need to copy approx. every 3 seconds a file of data (samples of measured analog/digital values) from QNX4 application to Windows machine.
We’d like to use SMBfsys to mount Windows’ shared folder and run SMBfsys+mount in sysinit.

Problem is that if the remote Windows machine is not accessible during QNX4 boot (SMB mount), mount makes local directory with the name.

Another problem is unavailability of remote machine during standard operation (periodic copying of file).

Question: Is there some elegant method of verifying real existence (not “mistaken” local mount) and real accessibility (not “frozen” share after disconnecting/reconnecting Ethernet cable of remote Win machine) of SMBfsys mounted remote share on QNX4 machine before every copying the file?

I don’t know much about SMBfsys. Elegant, hmmm. You could try doing a ping before each copy. I worked on a system with a NAS device where we had the same issue, is it there? We ended up using SNMP to poll the device. A manager would mount and unmount the device depending on whether it appeared. I don’t know if you jimmy Windows to do this. This article support.microsoft.com/kb/324263 seems to suggest that you can with Windows server, but I don’t really understand the details, or how you could use it.

What about just having some known file that you try to open, read and verify the data of? This might work unless SMBfsys does some kind of caching.

Lastly, what about using something like SIMPL to transport the data? You could offload the transfer to a QNX process that would move data when possible. Then you have no problem if the Windows system is down. The data gets transferred when you reconnect.

Thank you maschoen, what is SIMPL?

SIMPL is open source software that uses TCP/IP to do QNX style message passing across networks. It has been ported to many OS’s so you can message pass between QNX and Windows. If you google SIMPL you will probably find a location to download it.