New to QNX - How to transfer .ifs image file to VMWare

Hi All,

I am currently evaluating QNX for my next application. I have already built a sample .ifs file from the IDE using a sample buildfile below: … o_diskboot

I managed to generate the .ifs file. How do I transfer this to VMware for example? (I am under a Windows host machine right now)

I have been struggling with this since the past two hours to no avail.

Is there any utilities that will make this bootable under VMware ? ex, an .iso bootable CD disk ?


I’m not sure what you mean by transfer this to VMware.
Do you have a QNX virtual machine already, or are you trying to create one?
If you have one already, there are a few ways you might transfer the .ifs file before copying it to /.boot.
The IDE can transfer files directly.
If inetd is running and setup, you could use ftp to move the file.
You could copy the file to some media, eg. floppy, CD-ROM, USB stick, and then read it with the QNX system. QNX will read a FAT file system.

Yes, I believe that on the QNX website there is a downloadable QNX virtual machine you could use immediately, if that suits your purpose. The other option is to download the install disk and have a new virtual machine boot off of it.


Thank you for your prompt response.

I did try the demo virtual machine provided by QNX, it works fine {}

My intent now is to create a custom QNX OS image. I managed to create a sample QNX OS image from the QNX System Builder. ( .ifs image)

The next step is to take this .ifs image file and make a bootable media out of it ( .iso image for example). This is where I am stuck right now.

After creating the bootable media, I intend to run it under VMware.

I’ve never done this myself (create a CD-ROM bootable QNX image) but obviously it can be done.
I believe the standard is called El Torito. This link may help.

Making a cdrom to create a vmware session is possible, but why not simply do this…

  1. Boot the QNX-supplied vmware image.
  2. Using some network method (ftp or momentics) transfer your .ifs file (say xxx.ifs) into /tmp of the vmware image.
  3. Copy /tmp/xxx.ifs to the directory /.boot.
  4. Move the existing /.boot/qnxbase*.ifs files somewhere else - leaving only /.boot/xxx.ifs
  5. Reboot the VM - if will now boot your xxx.ifs

NOTE: unless you start devb-eide, and mount partition filesystems you will not be able to access the vmware “disk” (except for booting).