Secure Web Server for QNX

Hello everybody,

I am developing a web interface for an embedded system, which it’s OS is QNX Neutrino.
Previously, I was using slinger. but it does not support SSL.
Does anyone knows about a secure lightweight web server to replace slinger?
I need it to support CGI, SSL, and SSI (.shtml).

Thanks in Advance.

Crazy name, but “bozohttpd” works with QNX 6.5.0 … does not provide all the SSI support of slinger though…

Prebuilt x86: … 100920.tgz

Thanks, but my qnx platform is armbe, how can I get suitable bozohttpd for it?

If you are “armbe”, how are you getting sllinger?

If you are “armle”, just compile bozohttpd from source.