phs-to-bmp problem

I have two .phs files (generated with PpCreatePC, PpPrintWidget, etc). One is approx 50% blue and the other uses white instead of blue. The 2 .phs files are different (as expected).

Processing with phs-to-bmp gives bmp files that have black instead of blue (for the first phs) and black instead of white (for the second).

The presence of black is wrong. Additionally the 2 bmp files are identical (bit for bit).

This seems like a flaw in phs-to-bmp though, as I’m new to QNX, the problem might be mine.

Anybody familiar with this issue? have a fix? Have a newer QNX system that might be able to convert my phs files to bmp files (different from one another)?

Thanks in advance !


Just a guess here. The phs-to-* programs were created so that the spooler could print to a printer. Maybe the idea was to convert to black and white for printing?

In any case, if you want to get a screen or window shot that is in color, there are other ways to accomplish this.

My reading indicates that the phs files are, by definition, printer format files (for photon).

As an experiment, I loaded a QNX6.5 iso into vmware and ran phs-to-bmp on several files (that were on a flash drive). The result was .bmp bitmap files that included colors and had the expected white areas.

Correct coloration with QNX6.5 vs incorrect colors with QNX4 is further indication that QNX4 is misbehaving.

Your first mention of QNX 4. Yes Photon on QNX 4 is quite old and likely has issues.

As I mentioned before you are using a filter that was part of the spooling system, usually used to print.
Since most printing is done B&W it might explain the problem not being addressed with QNX4.
If you are looking for support with QNX4 for Photon you are certainly SOL. QNX is deprecating Photon on QNX 6.

You will have to find a work around if this is important.