Writing data from QNX4 to MySQL on WinPC

Please help, is there a possibility to write data from QNX4 PC directly to MySQL database on network WinPC?

I think the answer is an obvious yes, but that’s too simplistic.

As far as I know, all database access to MySQL occurs by sending SQL statements to a MySQL server via TCP/IP.
Since QNX 4 adequately supports TCP/IP, this should be possible.

Assuming you have the MySQL interface library compiled on QNX 4, it should be just a matter of using that library.
Of course the MySQL database must have a user set up that is allowed to access remotely. This is usually done with the SQL “GRANT” command.

Thank you maschoen, and is there any free MySQL interface library compiled for QNX4 somewhere?

There’s an open source version of MySQL. It compiles without any problem for QNX 6. I don’t know about QNX 4. You’ll just have to try to find out.

Keep in mind, you just need the interface library, and maybe the program “mysql” to test it.

Please, QNX masters, is there somewhere MySQL interface library successfully compiled for QNX4?

MySQL client tools and library compiled for QNX4 Version 3.23.58