Which SQL database with GUI to insert/edit data for QNX6.5?

Good morning/afternoon QNX enthusiasts,
please is there in 2012 any SQL Database (with good perspective of future existence/development, preferably free, something like MySQL) with GUI to enter/view/edit data in database tables under QNX6.5 (or maybe even PseudoGraphicUI like was for SybaseSQL under QNX4) for QNX6.5?

If yes, what database/which version and where to download it successfully compiled for QNX6.5?

Thank you.

So more simple question:
Is there any front end (Administrator, Workbench) for MySQL under QNX6.5?

I mean something to browse/sort/insert/edit/delete data in SQL tables?
Or everything must be created as an application under e.g. PhAB?

QNX provides GDB which is a front end for SQLite.

Yes, it’s the mysql program. It allows you to connect to a database and enter any SQL statement you want. If you know SQL this is can be very useful.

Thank you maschoen.
Last days I found something about simple QDB (QNX implementation of SQLite) which should be a part of QNX Neutrino 6.5.0 installation?
Is that true? Or it is a part (SW component) which should be ordered (and paid for) separately?

Didn’t you mean QDB?

Yes, QDB the database, GDB of course is the debugger. QDB comes with 6.5.

but how install QBD?? how download this lib?? I view in Download Center of QNX but not find local of lib
Please help me