ethernet - which NIC driver was used?


I’ve got a couple of ethernet questions.

  1. I’ve got a qnx632 host setup and I don’t know which driver the guy who set the ethernet card up with used - is there some command I can run to tell me this?

  2. I’ve got another pc with a couple of ethernet PCI cards in that we’re playing with, is it just the on-board card that shows up as /dev/io-net/en0 ? do the other cards show up in that folder too? is there a clever way for me to work out which pci id is which ethernet device

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Check out nicinfo.

cheers, I’ve been using nicinfo.
it doesn’t tell me what I need to know, am I missing something? (I tried the -s -g -r and -c flags as well)

pidin -p io-pkt-v4-hc mem

will show all dll’s (including the nic drivers) linked to the stack.

cheers, so my driver’s ← thanks
Is there any way to identify the onboard NIC from the NIC on my PCI card? am I correct in thinking that’s what en0, ip0, ip_en are?

model:/dev/io-net# pidin -p io-net mem pid tid name prio STATE code data stack 94228 1 sbin/io-net 10o SIGWAITINFO 64K 508K 8192(516K)* 94228 2 sbin/io-net 10o RECEIVE 64K 508K 4096(132K) 94228 3 sbin/io-net 10o RECEIVE 64K 508K 4096(68K) 94228 4 sbin/io-net 10o RECEIVE 64K 508K 4096(68K) 94228 5 sbin/io-net 10o RECEIVE 64K 508K 4096(68K) 94228 6 sbin/io-net 21o RECEIVE 64K 508K 4096(132K) @b0300000 360K 12K @b8200000 276K 24K @b824d000 40K 4096 sbin/io-net @ 8046000 ( 0) 8192 sbin/io-net @b035d000 ( 0) 4096 model:/dev/io-net# model:/dev/io-net# ls /dev/io-net en0 ip0 ip_en

You can do an ‘ifconfig -a’ command to see all the Ethernet cards that have drivers loaded. They will be en0, en1 etc. If you only see en0 it means your other cards weren’t auto-recognized / no drivers started for them / no support for them.

That you can determine from how io-net (io-pkt is QNX 6.5 not 6.32) was started. Either it was started with specific drivers or started by diskboot (QNX’s answer to plug-n-pray). You can check on this by doing a ‘pidin A | grep io-net’. If you see it started with just the arguments -ptcpip then it was started by diskboot.