Lost packets

Hello Friends.

I had very strange issue recently. I have two embedded computers (vp7 and vp9). Vp9 machine have intel i82544 network adapter , on the vp7 machine - pcnet32.
Qnx version 6.4.0.

On the vp9 machine I don’t lost udp packets, but on vp7 I regulary lost packets.

If I invoke “pidin -p io-pkt-v4-hc mem” I see , that pcnet32 network driver (devn-pcnet.so) is work via devnp-shim.so. But on vp9 machine network adapter (devnp-i82544.so) work without devnp-shim.so. May be this is a core of the problem??? And how I can play with network adapter options???

How do you detect packets are lost, via nicinfo, via netstat -s or through your application. Packets can be lost at various stages of their travel

I invoke tcpdump on vp7 machine and invoke tcpdump on the send side. On send side I see certain packet , but on the receive side (vp7 machine) I don’t .

netstat -s say that there is no problem)))))))))) , nicinfo also

n theory if nicinfo doesn’t report lost packet and netstat’s -s " UDP dropped due to full socket buffers" is at 0, then it could be :

  • A bug a 6.4.0
  • A hardware problem
  • tcpdump is throwing out packet
  • The send side isn’t really sending them
  • Something else I haven’t though of ;-)

How about cabling? Try switching the cables and see if the problem moves or stays where it is.

The apps may also be sending data to fast and not making it to the wire.

I will try to switch cable and say about results.

Our traffic is light. How I can to increase needed buffers in network card??? And what is the needed buffers in network stack??? Tx and Rx descriptors??? Or buffers in the io-pkt???

I forget to say THANK YOU for attention to my problem))))

Forget to say that after autonegatiation stage pcnet32 adapter (in the vp7 machine) work in half-duplex mode. Maybe this key???

I don’t think you can increase a network card’s buffers. There might be parameters for io-pkt, but I don’t think that’s your problem. The half-duplex suggests either a cable or a hub problem. If your cards are 100TX but the cables are not CAT5 (at least) that might cause the problem.

I notice one thing when my application invoked. If I run command “sloginfo -w -c” then I have three times in second
message → “pcnet memory error”.

Maybe someone have pcnet32 network adapter sources. What is the case when “pcnet memory error” message

I invoke “top” command and see that 28M of memory are available, i.e. there is no memory problem.

Maschoen. Where are you??? ))))))))))))

I don’t know what that error means. It sounds like a hardware problem, either something bad on the card, or an incompatibility.

How I can get pcnet sources???

You would have to talk with your QNX representative.

Maschone, you captain evidence))))))))))))))))))

You have to contact QNX.

I send message to info@qnx.com , but threre is no answer. ((((((((((((((((((

Have you considered the date today?