QNX 4.25 Net Drivers with ability to change mac address

Good Afternoon,

QNX4.25 Question:
Is there a list of Network Device Drivers that have the ability to change the MAC address from the command line?

I’ve never see such a list, but here is what I figured out by using the “use” command
and cross referencing against the QNX 4 hardware database.
I can’t guarantee that the parameter will work, but this is a starting point.


83C170 also known as 943
83C171 SMC83C171 chipsetx09
83C175 SMC83C175 chipset

82551QM 82551QM chipset
82557 82557 chipset
82558 82558 chipset
82558ER 82558 chipset
82559 82559 chipset
82559A 82559A chipset
82559A VE 82559A PRO/100 VE chipset
82559B 82559B chipset
82559C 82559C chipset
82559ER 82559 Embedded chipset
82559VE 82559 chipset
82562 82562 chipset
82562EM 82562EM chipset
82801 82801 chipset

DP83815 DP83815-compatible network cards

RTL8139A 8139A chipset
RTL8139A 8139B chipset
RTL8139A 8139D chipset
SMC1211 SMC1211

SIS900 SiS

?? None listed

DE434-AA EtherWORKS Turbo PCI TP (21040 based)
DE435-AA EtherWORKS Turbo PCI Combo (21040 based)
DE530CT PCI, 21040 based, 714-455-1688
SMC8432-21040 EtherPower 10BASET PCI Ethernet Adapter
SMC8432-21041 EtherPower 10BASET PCI Ethernet Adapter
SMC8434BT 2 x 21040 based 10MB ethernet on one card. EtherPower2 Dual Channel Combo PCI Ethernet Adapter
SMC9332-21140 EtherPower 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter

Via Rhine Via
Via Rhine II Via
Via VT6105 Via