Switching to gcc 4.7 break down debugging

I’m very new to QNX, programming for it, and all *nix systems.
I’ve downloaded SDP from qnx.com, installed QNX on VirtualBox, installed Momentics to my host (opensuse 12.2), installed SP1 for both.
Hello World, works fine, debugging is running and everything is ok.
but I want to use gcc 4.7, downloaded the package from community.qnx.com/ and unpacked it to /opt/qnx650
also make same with binutils 2.22.
Switched to gcc 4.7 in project settings, built the project, HelloWorld is running, but I cannot debug it.
IDE says "No source available for “main()”
In output window is

.gdbinit: No such file or directory. MsgNak received - resending Remote target is little-endian attach 663591 [New pid 663591 tid 1] 0xb033f9e0 in ?? () No line 5 in file "/home/serhiy/qnx-ide-4.7-workspace/sayhello/sayhello.cc". Stopped due to shared library event No line 5 in file "/home/serhiy/qnx-ide-4.7-workspace/sayhello/sayhello.cc".
Is any way to debug program built by gcc 4.7?
Switching back to gcc 4.4.2 makes everything ok, but I want gcc 4.7.

Thank you.

The answer: install new gdb.

Not that gcc 4.7 is considered experimental and not officially released.