how do I use pkgsrc?

I’ve upgraded from 632 to 641 and an old version of libiconv isn’t happy i.e.
" Description Resource Path Location Type, needed by C:/QNX641/target/qnx6/usr/lib/, may conflict with AdminApp line 0 C/C++ Problem"

Previously I’ve used an old version of libxml2 (which has a libiconv dependency) and I’m now looking to upgrade this lib to resolve the libc dependency problem, potentially/hopefully using the package manager, only I don’t (know how to do this…) appear to have pkg_add on my target (or do I do this through Momentics?)

Please can someone link me to an article? or give me a tip, or a work around? Thanks

for anyone googling here, I got the 641 binaries from

I avoided using pkgsrc, because it’s native only (and I’m using Windows)