I have a system that is licensed for 10 nodes, but I only have 4 nodes defined. When I do a netinfo it is showing the error logical node not found for the 6 nodes I am not using. This message appears about every 3 seconds. Does anyone know if this error will cause performance problems, or possibly cause network problems? If it does what is the easiest way to to stop the error from occuring, without reducing the number of QNX licences?

This is QNX 2, right? I really doubt the impact is measurable. This occurred on a 8088 cpu’s. What are you using now, a 486, Pentium? About 100 times faster maybe. Very little impact. The network didn’t get any faster but a few packets every 3 seconds is close to nothing.

it is qnx 4.25, does that make a difference?

Probably even less an impact on QNX 4. The systems just trying to reconnect to the missing nodes when they come on line.