Print A4 paper / lpr

I’m trying to print photon document to a network laser printer ( HP LaserJet P2015X ) , but impossible to create an A4 formatted page ( In the print Wizard, i chose A4 format, pcl.cfg have already been modified to include this ). When i check in the PCL document created, the header’s PCL is &l2a ( means letter paper ). When i pipe before to print by “sed”, i can change this and replace to print in the correct A4 format ( &l6a ), OK but filters in remote printers ( printcap ) are not allowed.
1 - Is it possible to force the correct A4 format in pcl.cfg file ?
2 - Is it possible to replace phs-to-pcl by a shell script which pipe, “sed” the input to phs-to-pcl ( already try → echec ) ?
3 -Is it possible to replace pcl:$d:lpr by a shell script which pipe, “sed” the input to lpr -Pxxxx command
4 - Find a tip to pass the remote/filter printcap limit ?
If someone can help me !!!

System : QNX 6.3.2 , APKG HP already installed ( Patch ID 836 )