I need a Atmel SAM9X5 evaluation board


We are planning a project by using the AT91SAM9X25 MCU.

we have searched for MCU pricing but not available at moment.Does anybody can tell me how can I got SAM9X25 Modules?

Actually I’m looking for for a company to work me with design and manufacture my device based on SAM9X25.

thanks in andvance

Shenzhen, China, December 12th, 2012─ Embest announces a new board MBC-SAM9X25 Core Board based on Atmel ARM926EJ-S processor AT91SAM9X25.
Hardware Features
(1)ARM926EJ-S Processor running at up to 400 MHz @ 1.0V +/- 10%
(2)16 Kbyte Data Cache, 16 Kbyte Instruction Cache, Memory Management Unit
(3)One 64 KByte internal ROM embedding bootstrap routine: Boot on NandFlash, SDCard, Dataflash or serial dataflash
(4)One 32 KByte internal SRAM, single-cycle access at system speed
(5)External 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB NandFlash, 4MB DataFlash, 64KB Serial EEPROM,128B one-wire EEPROM
(6)10/100Mbps Ethernet MAC controller(only for MBC-SAM9X25-P)
You can contact Embest Technology CO,.LTD for more information.