Execution problem with OpenCV library on OMAP3530

Hello all,

I am debugging an opencv application on the OMAP3530 processor with QNX 6.5.0. I have managed to build the OpenCV 2.3 library and compiled the program. When i tried to debug the application in the QNX Momentics IDE, a SIGBUS error happened which was shown in the screen shot i have attached. I guess there was some inherent link errors in the OpenCV library I built? How should I check where the error happened? Would like to seek your suggestions. Thank you.


SIGBUS usually means it’s trying to access physical memory but I cannot, because of some hardware related issue, like the memory doesn’t exists. Sorry don’t have any other suggestion ;-!

Finally solved the problem. It was a build problem. After specifying the -Ygpp option in the library link option and rebuilt, the program can be executed correctly with the OpenCV library.