Information about monitors in QNX 6.5

Hello everybody.
I have a question. How can I get information about connected monitors via DVI in QNX 6.5? I know that with commands #pci -vvv and #usb -vvv i can get information about PCI and USB devices.
Maybe there is some command for DVI devices.
Thank you!

Unless you are talking about something I’ve never heard of, DVI is the interface to a monitor, like RGB.
Did you want to look for video cards? You could do that with # pci -vvv.

I think Meshgan is asking if he can tell if 1 or 2 monitors are connected to the video card.

Windows for example can auto detect a 2nd monitor when its plugged in on a dual output video card allowing me to extend my desktop etc. If that monitor is turned off / unplugged and you restart Windows it somehow knows I now only have 1 monitor.

This is obviously video driver related and I suspect the answer is going to be no since QNX doesn’t have great video driver support.


If that’s what he’s asking, they you are mostly right. The static video driver support is fine. It’s the dynamic support that is pretty non-existent. Embedded systems, the target that QNX is most interested in, generally have pretty static hardware. Another issue is who writes the drivers? In the case of nvidia for example, they write their own (Windows) drivers and don’t let out any hardware details. I fear that ATI has gone in that direction. That QNX can support them at all is because of the Vesa standard.

Thanks everybody for these answers!
I am wondering, how can I detect that the monitor was unplugged in QNX?
For example, when I unplug usb mouse I can see it with a help of usb -vv. There will be no information about mouse.

Different question, but basically the same answer. The video hardware knows this. As far as I know, no QNX driver provides this. For Nvidia and newer ATI, the information on how to do this is probably not available.