PtMultiText entries limit

Hi all,

I am using a PtMultiText widget in my application to display some type of continuous logs from my
application. Till now, it works fine. My doubt is:-
If I run the application continuously for say 1 week or 1 month, will the PtMultiText fail to display
my logs? I haven’t seen any argument like the entries limit or so. I understood from the QNX help
that internally it is keeping a linked list (Using the next and previous pointers in the PtMultiTextLine_t structure)
to manage these entries in PtMultiText.
So is there any possibility that PtMultiText fail/application crash due to continuous running and large amount of logs
in PtMultitext? like memory full, number exceeds entry limit etc


I think you are asking whether a MultiText widget that is continuously added to (forever?) will ever run out of resources, specifically memory. YES!

How long will that take? Hmmm. Well let’s assume that you have tons of memory in your system. A single process might have almost 4gig of memory available to it. Let’s say you are adding lines at one per second, and that with overhead each line is 100 bytes. So it will take 4 x 10^9/10^2 = 4 x 10^7 seconds. At that rate it will take about a year and a half to overload.

Long before then however you probably will find that the widget will become difficult to use.

Thank you for the clarification.