Qt for QNX on Beagleboard? And other stuff..

Hi @all!

I have 2 problems and I hope you can help me with them!
I want to make a GUI which runs on a Beagleboard-xM Rev C with QNX. At first I thought about using Photon, but I was told that this idea is bad. Instead I should use Qt. Now I tried to find documents or guides on how i can use Qt with Beagleboard, but I still have no idea. There were some QNX guides on how to change Qt Creator projects into a QNX project or so, but i still don´t get it how i have to change the Beagle board bsp. Anybody here who already worked on a similar project and knows how to change the bsp so that it works ? (I tried an example from QNX with Qt for the BEagleboard, but after following the instructions the Beagleboard won´t start. There isn´t even an output in the terminal about starting a loader)

While I am still trying to understand Qt and QNX for Beagleboard-xM i wanted to write a message on my display (which is connected to Beagleboard) like “Hello World”. After reading in a guide something about QNX GF I thought I could use this. Am I correct for this way? Or should I try this also with Qt?
If someone knows an easy or good way to just get the message on the display, pls tell me because I am a little lost here.
Even a hint how I should start to search in this massive amount of guides would be a help, because it looks like one of my mainproblems with QNX and Beagleboard is the understanding of the structure and how to work with it…
(I am still a new with QNX and even Beagleboard, but I need results fast :frowning: … I know how to program C or C++ but this doesn´t help here…)


Starting with a fully configure boot image might help…


This contains some Qt examples and other stuff. With the included “webvu” app, you could do “hello world” in html!

Hi denkelly,

thanks for this fast answer!
I already tried this example but it is difficult to configure :confused:
At the moment I try to get my hands on a WindowsXP, because the guide said that it could be easier to use the tools for configuring the sd card.

I also have some more specific questions:

-The older version of this example (sd.bsh) has some folders at the same level of the MLO, UBoot and .ifs which, I think, contains the code and binaries for the qt programs.
Is it ok to add the folders like this? does this work? How does QNX know that it has to search in these folders?
I am asking because I thought all the time that I have to add such folders in Momentics and then putt this all together in a .ifs-file…

One more question:

I tried this “10 steps to your own QNX program”-guide. I followed the steps and got a working communication via qconn to my Beagleboard and then let a small program run (just a printf(“Hello World”)-command in a empty main-funtion). This should have been sended to the Board and should be there running (of course only for a short time) if I understood this correct.
My question is now: Where can I see this “Hello World”??? I checked with a terminalprogram and on the display, but there was no output…

Hello, me again ;)

For now just a short question:

I found in the example mentioned from denkelly this sentence:

I am not sure how I should understand this… Does the Beagleboard have more than one Hardware Layer for graphical use? Like the Boards from Fujitsu?
I thought this was special to the Fujitsu Boards…

As everytime, I would be grateful for every (good) input ;)


Does the Beagleboard have more than one Hardware Layer for graphical use?
Yes. At least two.