pdf reader

I would like to read pdf documents on my embedded system which has only 256 MB ram.
Is there any efficient utility provided by QNX to read pdfs within this memory constraint.
Also apart from pdf my system would be running other processes as well which will be using some memory .

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There are newer PDF readers since then too for Photon at least.


Can you tell me which are the other new pdf readers available for photon(QNX 6.4.0) apart from xpdf

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You can try this one.


Have already tried this one.However mine is an embedded system with small memory footprint.
Max i can give for any pdf reader is 30 MB.However,scrolling and zooming options go beyond this limit rendering usage of them difficult

You must mean 30K, not 30M.

Adobe Reader in Windows only takes 100K of Ram (with nothing loaded).

That 2nd one says it includes a link to the source code. You may be able to modify it to use less RAM or write the author and ask if he can make a quick mod to use less RAM for you since he would know his code better than you would.


Well i meant 30 MB only.
However ,using the utility simply after load memory usage goes to 15 MB to 20 MB and scrolling/zooming operations stretching it to 50 MB and more.
As for Adode reader ,not possible to use in QNX …so not an option… :angry:

I’m not aware of other PDF readers for QNX besides the 2 I’ve linked to.

So you’ll either have to:

  1. Write your own
  2. Allow more RAM for this reader
  3. Modify this reader yourself to use less RAM (potentially with the authors help)
  4. Use the older reader I mentioned first.