PHP for ppc target qnx6.4.1

Can any one help me with the details. I’m working on web development for QNX 6.4.1. Target is a ppc platform.

  1. I have seen the precompiled binary at below location … 90724/All/
    I would like to know if this a precompiled binary for x86 alone? If so, I would appreciate if someone let me know how to get binary for ppc or the QNX project.

  2. Does the “i386” in the netbsd ftp mean that the binaries are for x86 ?

  3. Does slinger web server support PHP? Is it enabled by default?


i386 refers to the 80386, the first 32 bit x86 intel processor. Until 64bit came along, there were few instructional changes to Intel processors.

Slinger supports CGI (Common Gateway Interface) making usable with PHP. Each time a php script is run, PHP must be started. This is in contrast to using the php module with Apache in which the php code is resident.

You should be able to compile PHP for PPC without too much trouble.