HW/PC recommendation please

We’re upgrading our existing model PC (from an old Core2 duo) to something new and we’re a bit edgy about putting in the order for a PC when we’re not that sure QNX641 will run on it.

I’ve unsuccessfully searched here: qnx.org.uk/developers/hardware_support/ and was a bit surprised to not find supported CPUs. Can I just assume an i5 is going to work or should I play it safer and go for an older CPU (Core2 Quad), is there some place I can look this up (I’ve googled and not found anything so far). Thanks

I think it’s pretty pointless to have a list of supported x86 processors.
QNX 6.4.1 will work if it’s an x86 processor. QNX doesn’t support 64bit mode (yet), but as far as I know, there are no 64bit only processors yet.
A more important issue is whether the peripherals will work.
The hardware database will tell you about video, and networking chips supported, probably the area of most difficulty.

thanks, I was assuming that the onboard NIC wouldn’t work out of the box but I’d also assumed the onboard video would… cheers I’ll check the video.

I’ve had good luck with onboard NIC’s. QNX has a long list of supported chips. Video always works, sort of. All Video seems to come with a VESA interface which is supported, but it’s not as good as native support. It’s much better if the chip is supported directly.