Pg.i830 QNX 4.25

I am using the Pg.i830 driver on 3 different CRTs.

It works correctly on the 6.4 inch and 15 inch CRTs but on the 12 inch CRT the display image is shifted to the right by 30 or 40 pixels and there appears to be no way to adjust that.

In this configuration when the Pg.i830 driver is run I cannot bring up the CRT menu to adjust the positioning.

Are there any command line options to the driver that could adjust the X coordinate to shift it back to the left.

I am also not sure why the built in menu would stop working with this driver running.

The CPU/GPU that is driving the display is the same in all three cases so I would guess it must be something with this particular CRT display.

Any suggestions for things to try? Using the flat mode video driver works fine but we really want to take advantage of the Pg.i830 driver and hardware acceleration.

Thanks very much.


Larry, maybe you should edit some timing parameters of /etc/config/trap/crtc-settings.node file.

Read this thread: … ngs#p50696
to understand some things.

In general for each particular monitor (CRT, LCD) and each particular resolution correct timing parameters should be used (google the web for the exact model of monitor). Practically the same timing parameters for some resolution may work for many monitors but not for all.

Oddly enough, we’ve never had a problem on any CRT, but sometimes we get LCD monitors that do what you’re describing. And sometimes we get LCD monitors that just plain won’t work, period. Go figure.