How to enable file create with Photon FileSelector?

Hi all,

How can I implement file creation with Photon Fileselector widget?
I mean, we can select a file. Also if we type the name of the file in the widget,
it will be created automatically. But my current implementation shows only
a tree of directories with filters applied for my files.


I don’t understand what your question is.

You surely don’t think that the file selector widget will create the file?
If you enter a file not listed, your program would have to retrieve that information and create the file itself, right?

Yes. That is what I meant.
If a file is not present, the user will have to create a file by himself and select through Fileselector.
Is there any possibility to create and select the file from Fileselector widget itself?
Something like a ‘Save as’ dialog in Windows.
I have seen something like FileSelection which has some flags that can be enabled to create path if
the path is not present. But how could I implement file creation with Photon Fileselector?
Is there any possibility?


When I said “You surely don’t think …” I meant it.

No the FileSelection widget will not create a file for you, because it has no idea about what goes in that file.