Self Hosted development using Qt on QNX

[attachment=0]phqt.jpg[/attachment]To the QNX Community. I’m interested in hearing from other developers who are interested in developing with Qt, but using the QNX system as a self hosted environment. You can contact me about this at

What I hear from QNX is that Photon is going away after QNX 6.5.0 and therefore for most practical purposes, so it self hosted development.

I’m of the radical opinion that the best development tool provide by QNX is self hosted QNX and so I’m taking steps so that I can continue in that direction.

The first two steps I’ve taken are as follows.
I’ve ported Qt version 4.8.2 to QNX 6.5.0. I’ve done this using just a QNX system, not resorting to the documented use of Linux. If anyone else is interested in how I did this, please let me know and I will provide details.

I’ve also enhanced this version so that it can support running Qt programs under Photon. The implementation is flexible, and the same modules can be run with or without Photon without recompiling.

The attached jpg shows two Qt demo programs running both with and without the Photon Window frame.

Currently I only support 32bit ARGB video mode. Also, note that when in the Qt window, Qt provides the cursor image. This leaves a cursor visible in the Qt window at all times, even when the system cursor leaves the window.

I am looking into additional steps that make it possible to continue to develop in a self hosted manner once QNX 6.5.0 has been superseded.


  1. I am interested what changes you do in QT 4.8. for QNX.
  2. How you run QT programs under Photon. You use XPhoton ?

I run Qt programs under Photon with a wrapper program.
The wrapper program creates a window, and starts the Qt program. The modified Qt libraries writes into share memory and send a message to the wrapper program. The wrapper program then bits the updates to the window. Keyboard and mouse events are handled in a reverse manner, the wrapper sending them to the Qt program.

Send me your email. I am at

I will send you the 4.8.2 changes, and the wrapper program.