Real time log updation to GUI

Hi all,

     I have an application which need to update heavy logs to GUI in real time. By heavy logs, it means say 1000 logs in a milliseconds. I have assigned a dedicated thread for doing this log updating. But it affects the performance of other threads.

Is real time GUI updating efficient with photon GUI ?

Note :- Used PtMultiTextModifyText() to updating the logs to GUI. Proper usage is PtEnter(), PtLeave() is also ensured.


Efficient ? Not sure how to answer that question, how do you define efficient. First, if are talking about a gui, updating the content more the 100 times a second is a total waste of resource. It’s pointeless to update the GUI for every log, if you receive 1000 log in a millisecondes over 1 second that’s 1 million log, even in a non gui environment a text console would not keep up… I would do the log thing with two threads, one that receives and store the data in memory, the other thread updates the GUI says 20-40 times a seconds. By running the GUI thread at low priority it shouldn’t affect the other thread.