downloading QNX OS to embedded board

I am planning on buying embedded arm based board and creating and embedded system from my home to gain experience in QNX the non commercial version. After configuring system to network (host and target) how do I download QNX to embedded board. If there is no cd/dvd how is this usually done? :cry:

To begin with, you will probably need a development environment. Here are three possibilities,

  1. A dedicated system running QNX for x86
  2. A Linux system
  3. A WIndows system

One of these systems will be used to build a boot image and run time file system for the target ARM board.
These need to be made available for the ARM board to boot off of. There are a number of ways this can be accomplished, for example

  1. You write the system to a hard drive or CF card which the ARM system boots off.
  2. You write the system to a USB stick
  3. You write the system to an SD or micro-SD card
  4. You burn the system onto an EPROM or EEPROM

Which of these you use depends on what hardware is on your ARM board and what bios support it has for booting. In the most extreme case you burn an EPROM or EEPROM which does the IPL and sets up the hardware before transferring control to the .boot file.

You can also load the image via tftp with the help of uboot.