QNX documentaion

I am a novice embedded programmer. I am seeking resources or books on QNX. I plan on getting the non comercial version of QNX(free download). I want to learn QNX operating system. Theres a QNX4 book at amazon and theres one on QNX neutrino(excuse spelling) not sure which book to purchase. I would like any information on acquiring documentation. Does QNX supply programming guide or documentation?

The QNX 4 book is of little or no value with for QNX 6. If you mean the Robert Krten book, it’s a good adjunct to the QNX documentation. The QNX documentation comes online with QNX but is available from QNX in book form for a price.

I think QNX has discontinued offering the documentation in book form. But the most important part (I think ;)) is still available as a real book: The QNX System Architecture. And it makes sense, because it doesn’t get outdated quickly and is the ideal book for newcomers to get into the philosophy of QNX.