Help compiling driver qnx4.25


I have a client running qnx 4.25 under hyper-v 2012 that doesn’t support serial ports, they had planned to use a Moxa serial server because the drivers for Qnx 4.25 are available on moxa’s website. However we discovered that the driver is offered only as source code and unfortunately none of the qnx4.25 devices have watcom installed and we cannot find the version (10.6) for qnx 4.25 because it is no longer for sale.

We can’t find any other serial servers that offer a qnx driver. I’m hoping its possible that the driver can be compiled on another Qnx 4.25 installation…is it possible? And if so is there anyone willing to help us out? I’m willing to compensate you for your efforts, we are desperate at this time because we cannot find an alternative.

The driver is at the link: … ort&id=880

If you can compile this on qnx 4.25 and get me a copy it would be greatly appreciated.


I can try to do this for you, it may take a day.

Thank you very much!


I’m attaching a file. In case this is new to you, you can de-archive as follows:

pax -wv <moxattyd.tar

I created this file by downloading the code you pointed at using the command:

make qnx

There were two minor warning messages about pointers.

To tell you the truth, this doesn’t look like a driver to me. If you find other QNX 4 source that you just need compiled, I’ll be happy to help out.

Thanks again for this. For some reason it says I don’t have access to view the attached file rather than showing a file attached? Maybe it has to do with me being new and post count? (Guessing here)… If you could email it to me at that would be great!