Chrysler/dodge/Jeep radios running on QNX??

Hello everyone, I have heard that the mygig radios (430, 430n and 730n) (infortainment radios/nav/dvd players) in the 2005-2013 Chrysler brand vehicles are running on QNX. I am an IT tech and am familiar with some software tinkering and programming. Question is, I have the QNX SPD 6.5.0 (awaiting trial serial) and I want to open up the iso of the latest software update for the radios to see if I can customize the colors and buttons. The current look is rather windows 95-ish.

Anyone know about this? the file structure of the iso is branded with Becker, it contains .ifs files and .ans files. I just want to crack open the files and recompile.

Is this something that can be done?



It’s unlikely you will be able to customize the colors. If you decompose the .ifs files, you will probably just find load modules. The load modules that you would want to modify are probably ‘C’ or C++ programs using either Photon or Qt that were compiled, so there’s no source to recompile. You could try to zap these files, which will probably break them.

Of course I could be very wrong. If you find html5, you have a decent chance.

Given it`s a software update, it may not even contain these images. The files could be some sort of patched mean to update existing files. Or if they are the full deal, the colors could be a byte deep in an executable (and executable have checksums…) . I mean there are ton of possibilities. You are looking at some heavy duty reverse engineering.

Good luck.

That is why I don’t think I’ll ever pay for some fancy infotainment in a car. It`s way too early in the game and technology is going to fast. When I go on long trip I bring my tablet which is connected via bluetooth to the car ODBII connector, allowing me to display all sort of fancy information about what is going on in the car, even 1/4 mille acceleration time. And I also bring my cell phone that is connected via bluetooth to the radio and hand-free system, it’s my music center as well as providing real-time information about traffic with Waze.

Thanks for the reply! if it was html5, I would be overjoyed! I do not know know to decompress the the .ifs and .efs files. I am so new to this. :open_mouth: :neutral_face:

I can tell you that QNX 6.5 comes with a program that does decompress an .ifs file. I don’t know the name of the program. I suspect the same program will work with an .efs. Both are file systems, so running a system with them will then reveal these files.

They are dumpifs and dumpefs. They list the files in the image, but can also be used to extract files.