QNX bluetooth usage


I have a Harman device with QNX 6.5 or 6.4.1 on it (I think). I need to write an application which uses the device’s Bluetooth. I know that the device has a Bluetooth.
The problem is that so far I’m unable to find anything that could help - SDK, documentation, sample application, etc.
The only thing that I found is that suite - qnx.com/download/group.html?programid=19494. It is from QNX and it requires one to have already licensed QNX product. I’m using the trial version of QNX software developer platform because I first need make a proof of concept of this Bluetooth technology and then my company will buy the needed stuff.

Can anybody help my with ideas how to get access to the Bluetooth device, or documentation or some third party library for accessing the Bluetooth device. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I believe that there is a BlueTooth stack available, however it is not from QNX.


You most probably will need a contact at Harman to discuss access to the Bluetooth interface. As long as you don’t know how the existing applications use Bluetooth, you can not be sure that you don’t interfere with existing functionality.