PxHelpURL() with taskbar disabled


We have developed a graphical application program using Photon application builder. We have incorporated context sensitive help for each display offered by our program. We have used PxHelpURL() function for invoking helpviewer. We have tested the program and help facility and the same works

Since this program developed by us is for an embedded system, we have
configured Photon runtime for autostartup with CASB disabled and taskbar
disabled (with the help of command line switches of pwm). After
installation of programs on the setup configured for embedded setup, we have noted that help feature implemented by us does not work (helpviewer could not be invoked). Since we had no other option but to experiment on final setup, we started with enabling of taskbar for Photon. With taskbar enabled for Photon, help facility started functioning normally.

Has anyone encountered such a problem? Kindly suggest a solution for
resolving this problem. We have used QNX 4.25 with Photon 1.14 for our project.

Thanks and Regards,