Access Sybase SQL 5.5 on QNX4 from Linux

Please help,
is it possible to access Sybase SQL Server 5.5 database running on QNX4 machine from a Linux PC (SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11)?

What do we need to do that?

I haven’t used this product myself, but I have heard it can do miracles regarding database connectivity in heterogenous systems:

Maybe it can help you too?

It seems there is no Linux dB Client for Sybase SQL Anywhere Server 5.5.05 (running on QNX 4.25 machine)?

Is there at least some “Linux native” way of accessing QNX4 disk (QNX4 filesystem) from network Linux machine (SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 to be exact)?
I mean something reliable for 24/365 connection - some network filesystem compatible for both Linux and QNX4 (or the only way is FTP)?

Is there some Linux “remote shell” (“remote desktop”) to QNX4 machine (to execute some tasks on QNX machine remotely from Linux machine)?