Qt on QNX target device


I have got Qt Creator 2.7.0 installed in my Windows XP machine and my target device is QNX on Beagle Board. My task is to build qt application in target device.

The Qt version I have downloaded from qt-project.org/downloads is Qt 5.0.2 for Windows 32-bit (MinGW 4.7, 650 MB). Is Qt 5.0 open source license will support for QNX.

I am very new to this. I am not getting how to configure qt creator for QNX in Windows machine, i mean Cross Compiling and building. Please help me.


Let me start by saying, I don’t know the answer, but here is what I do know.

There was a version of Qt that QNX ported, I think 4.7.? It had modifications so that it would work with the gf layer.
These changes were incorporated into 4.8.1 and 4.8.2. Originally QNX was compiling the Qt distribution on a Linux system, but with a minor change to the configure script, I was able to compile on QNX. I don’t know about Windows.

I would imagine that those changes would have been passed on to the 5.0 version of Qt.
Now I did hear a rumor that QNX ported a 5.0 version to work with their replacement of gf, called screen.
I’ve heard that screen will replace gf in the next release of QNX, but it has also been given out to select customers for testing under 6.5.0. I don’t know where you get the ported 5.0 version but I think a better place to ask would be the QNX forums.

KDAB and Digia are offering Qt support for QNX, you should turn to those companies. Qt5 is available for QNX and runs on “screen”, the successor of “graphics framework”. It will be in the next QNX release, but there is an Early Access Program to get it now (running on 6.5). For this you should contact QNX.


I don't know anything about KDAB except that they offer a service to port Photon programs to Qt.   This is fine if what you want is to bring in a contractor to port your existing Photon application.    I don't think they are providing support in the usual sense, eg.  why doesn't this feature work, will you fix it?

Digia announced support for QNX.   To obtain this you need to purchase their commercial license.   They did make a number of positive QNX oriented overtures.    What this really means is not at all clear to me.   As far as I can tell, up to 4.8.2 there is no difference between the commercial and GNU licensed versions with respect to QNX.  I had the commercial version for a short time on an evaluation basis.  Both are open source in that if you purchase the commercial license, you get source.   The marketing people I spoke with at Digia insist that there are differences, but could not come up with a single one.

    At some point I discussed with them the modifications I'd made to 4.8.2 to allow it to allow configuration and make under QNX 6.5 as well as support for Qt programs running within a Photon window.   Before they would talk about this, they were very insistent that I tell them which version of the source I had modified, the commercial or GNU licensed.    My answer that they were both the same didn't sit well with them.   While they didn't come right out and say so, it was clear (to me) that if I'd said the commercial source, they would want me to buy a license before talking with them, and if it was the GNU version, they didn't want to talk with me at all.   While I understand their reticence to helping a non-paying customer, I wasn't requesting help, I was attempting to provide assistance.   It makes me question what their interest in QNX is, other than collecting fees.

In a recent attempt to compile 4.8.5 I discovered the new inclusion of Linux OS specific header files which would of course never compile under QNX.   If you think this through, it means that if you compile for QNX under Linux, you get code generated that will never run.   Maybe that code would never be executed, but it does strike me as a little strange.

This is why I say it is not clear what they mean by supporting QNX.   I think what they mean is if you pay them money, and you have a QNX problem, they will try to look into it.   This is a reasonable position, but not the one I would have hoped for, which is that they would take responsibility for making Qt work well with QNX, even if this means the commercial version only.   I believe they do this for Linux and WIndows.  I also don't think that they have much in the way of QNX experience at all nor plan to acquire it.   I suspect that they are relying on QNX to provide that.    As far as I've heard, the port of Qt 5 to screen was done by QNX.

As to the next version of QNX which will provide screen, I'm still waiting to hear from QNX whether it will come with:
  1. A compiler that runs under QNX
  2. A distribution disk for QNX host development

I will have to wait and see.


KDAB provides all kind of support regarding Qt. They are Qt experts in the sense of assisting people doing Qt HMIs. They even do complete HMIs on their own under custom engineering contracts. Porting assistance from anywhere - not just Photon - to Qt is only a part of their business. If you want to know more about KDAB, how about http://www.kdab.com/ ? :slight_smile:

Same experience here. Digia seems to be under very high pressure to make money with Qt.

No, the port of Qt5 to screen (CoreUI) was done by KDAB. QNX funded it. QNX wants to give customers an alternative to HTML5 and Crank Storyboard. QNX does nothing with Qt on its own. Are you having access to QNX’ Early Access Program for screen? If not it may be worth requesting.

I haven’t seen anything in this regard yet, AFAIK this is not going to happen. QNX future focus is strongly ARM oriented. Probably because that’s where the big customers are… and that is what BlackBerry is using.


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Uhh, what’s not going to happen? They way you describe it, sounds like they’re dropping x86 support. That seems pretty unlikely. Every medical customer I’ve worked with uses x86.

BTW, I don’t doubt that QNX hired KDAB to port 5.0, but in fact a QNX employee did the 4.7 port, so it’s not like they never touch it.

qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtdoc/ … s-qnx.html

Qt 5 is currently tested and supported on QNX 6.5.0 SP1 supplemented by the new QNX UI Core graphics framework (Screen). Supported architectures are ARMle-v7 and x86.

Exactly what is listed above - a compiler that runs under QNX and distribution disk for QNX self-hosted development. As far as I know, the next QNX version, 6.6, will feature a pure cross development environment for Windows and Linux, and the QNX Neutrino Embedded OS will run on ARMv7 and x86.

I am trying to compile Qt for QNX and my target is freescale i.mx51. I saw some config files in the following path

the above config file used as PATH to my cross compilation and exported using export QCC_CONFIG_PATH

After this should I export anyother path and how do I configure it and qmake the Qt.

Looking for cross compilation procedure. Please suggest.