Old subject - photon/graphics not running at 6.5 boot

Hello All,

This is a old subject but I need some help. I’ve had difficulties with this before and just set QNX aside. I’m on it again. 6.3 worked, Photon would run but going to 6.5 photon would not. I’m using lx800 chipset. There sre several post about this but I edit my display.conf, replace svga with lx800, slay io-display and run io-display -dvid=0x100b,did=0x30 and Photon will then work BUT, when I restart display.conf gets replaced with original. What is causing this. Is there another way around this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like the enumeration process is replacing the config file. This is normally a good thing. If you were to change your video card on a system that comes up in Photon, it would be what you want.

There are two ways you might fix this. You could fix the enumerator. The enumerator is picking a video card based on the PCI vendor/device id. On my QNX 6.3.2 system this information appears to be in the file /etc/system/enum/devices/graphics. I’m not sure if it is the same for 6.5. You can discover the vendor/device id with the “pci” command and update this file.

The other option is to turn enumeration off. I don’t know if you can do this selectively, for video only. If you can’t then you need a new .boot file where you hardcode the starting of all device drivers yourself. This is the same process you typically do with a target embedded system.

Thanks for responding quick. Well, I was with you, I had been into the graphics enumeration file and thought I had figured it out. I understand more now.
This is interesting, please read. My actual problem was with how I sent the io-graphics params. The original QNX file needed updated to
reflect my lx800 device ID and vender ID. So, I changed vid=xxxx to vid=100b and did=xxxx to 30 and nothing.

At the command line I could issue “io-graphics -vid=0x100b,did=0x30” and things would work. But in the enum file I had to
actually type 0030. for a command “io-display -vid=0x100b,did=0x0030”.

Thanks again,