Are the QNX GNU utilities on gone?

There are a bunch of helpful GNU utilities ported to QNX4 on, but that server seems to have been down for a couple weeks now, or repurposed.

Does anyone know if it’s gone permanently? Is the cache of utilities available anywhere else?

That would seem to be a perfect thing for to host.

I tried that URL and was redirected to I think I remember QUICS as an old bbs system that QNX used to run for support. I think it’s been more than a decade that its been gone.

While not as good as QNX 6 in this respect, QNX 4 was to a large degree Posix conforming, and so a lot of Linux and GNU software should port fairly easily, if not trivially. Of course anything that uses a thread or a Linux specific OS call will not work out of the box.

I’ve read about the BBS, though I wasn’t using QNX when it was up. But, hosted gobs and gobs of utilities, not only GNU, and not only for QNX4. I only paid attention to the QNX4 directories, but I believe there were even more for QNX6. There must have been over 100 all divided up by category. It would be a real shame if they’re all just gone.

Maybe it was superseded by the pkgsrc project. … cts.pkgsrc

It’s up. But sporadically.

As in the first time I right clicked on your link and opened in a new tab I went right to the page (as you can see in the screen shot of my google browser). When I closed and re-opened I got a 500 internal server error. Repeated openings sometimes got the 500 internal server error and sometimes got the page. Not sure why (something interfering with the redirect).

This is the link I cut and pasted from your original link: … /qnx4/gnu/

There definitely are 2 machines there. Pinging gives while is at

I’d try repeatedly (maybe even rebooting to clear some caches) to get there. Once you do, I’d make sure I grabbed everything I could.


P.S. at the bottom of the page it says copyright 1999 and to mail if you have any problems. Seems this is awfully old but you might try that email and see if anyone responds.