QNX 4 boot problems

Hi guys,

I’m currently having problems booting a QNX machine that i support, however the problem isn’t consistent, apparently this happened about 7 times, and then the machine booted ok, just wondering if anyone has any insight on a possible cause.

an image with the error message’s that the machine is giving:

Try a chkfsys / to make sure the hd is ok, but you might be looking at dying hardware or maybe cabling issue.

Most likely a failing hard drive. I hope you have a backup. If not, find a way to duplicate the disk as soon as possible and pray.

thanks for the responses, guys. hdd failing was pretty much what i was thinking, i was just hoping that it might have been something else, cause it’s running a proprietary system that is sold on the hard drive, and it is hard to get spares out of them, and i haven’t had a chance to get a brick level copy of the drive yet. Well, looks like that’s what I’ll be doing the next time that machine has a maintenance wind.