Support and development for QNX 2

I have a computer running on QNX 2.
If anyone needs anything, please contact me.
I do data import, develop software in C QNX or C 86, recover data.
I’m from Brazil, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.
Thank you

I do the same kind of work. I wish you luck. The market is pretty small.

I know the market is small. But I think I’m the only one in Brazil. For that day it appears something has to be worth it.

Think big. You are probably the only one in South America, ;-).

Qnx is just a hobby because I developed systems for QNX in the early 90s. As I always liked QNX, I keep a machine in my house. A 100 PENTIUM believe? This machine is no longer on the market. At the time I developed in “C” to “C 86” and “QNX C” with database “C-Tree.” And I know today developed in QNX. I remember that QNX had a problem of losing the boot sector. And I developed a method of recovering this industry without having to reinstall again. Good times.