USB driver ARM target


I have problem when I’m using usb driver.
In my custom board I’m using different USB transceiver than that which is on the StarterKit - mx51evk (bsp was wrote just for this board).
My transceiver: TUSB1105 SERIAL type (
mx51evk: USB3311 UTMI type ( … c/3317.pdf)

The problem is that the system “see” some of the usb devices like: pendrive (Verbatim chip -
I can mount file system etc., but no KINGSTOM chip) and doesn’t see anythink when I connect USB hub or other devices.
It is very strange because I see a correct usb signals on D+/D-,
so i think that maybe it is associated with the driver - it was wrote for this type of transceiver and that is the problem.
Unfortunately bsp version has only prebild verison USB driver, when asked about the sources they told me that I need to buy a “technical support” license for 10,000 euros.
therefore, I am wondering if any of you have experience in porting USB drivers from Linux toQNX.
Maybe some of you has already tried this?

Thanks for help