PCIe and rescan


Is there anyway to get QNX 6.5 OS/BIOS to rescan for PCIe devices so that I don’t have to restart my card after I load the FPGA ?
pci_rescan() doesn’t work.

Basically, OS boots up, we load the FPGA and after that we expect the PCIe device to be detected since the communication to FPGA device happens through PCIe interface.
But unless we restart the board, we cannot detect the FPGA device.

Is there any workaround at all to detect the device without shutting down the board ?

Any response is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time.


Have you tried to start PCIe driver after loading the FPGA ?


Thanks Nicholas.

I ended up doing just that since nothing else was working.

Thanks again for your time.

I beleive, the Neutrino PCIe stack is a very light one. Many features are not implemented.