The most simple way to create GUI qnx app ?

I need to create something like GUI version of “top” console command (process list). I have no experience in QNX programming at all. What is the most simple way to do it ? All i was available to find in google is very tricky manual about installing some QNX ide on windows (!!!), and connecting it to QNX machine.

And one more question: in QTcreator i saw an “compile to Blackberry” option. Since blackberry using QNX, could i run this app on my QNX 6.5 virtual machine without any changing ?

So, let’s see. You don’t have QNX installed. You don’t have any experience in QNX programming at all. So why do you need to do this project? BTW, I have no idea what you mean by

GUI version of “top” console command (process list).

Uh, no. While Blackberry is using QNX, it’s using a new and unreleased graphics layer which does not come with QNX 6.5.

As QNX is an Embedded OS, that is the natural way. If you want to do anything with QNX you need to install your development tools, either on Windows, or on Linux. There is a version of QNX that can be installed on a PC including a compiler, but it doesn’t have the IDE tools.

If you want to display the list of processes in a window, why not open a console window and call top? :slight_smile:

With that being said, there is an “Early Access Program” with that new graphics layer (simply called “screen”) so you can install it on top of 6.5.

What hardware platform are you on?

I have it on my virtual machine, qnx neutrino 6.5

It’s my university project

Open console, type top
Do you see the result ? I want to do the but with GUI

PC x86_64

Then you need to learn how to program with Photon.
A good place to start is with the PhAB program.

The installed version you describe has a help system that includes all the QNX 6 manuals.
I believe that there’s a tutorial on writing GUI programs with PhAB.

An overly simplistic way to do this would be to pipe the output from the top command into a buffer, and display that buffer in a label widget.