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OMG! :open_mouth: I must be one of the few “dinosaurs” still haging around here. And I also miss the old site. :slight_smile: How are you guys doing these days? How many “old-timers” are still here?

Define “old-timers”, :slight_smile:.

I’ve been using QNX since around 1985. Been so long I can’t remember exactly.

Hello! :slight_smile: I meant the registration age in this online community. I see you’re quite old in here as well. :slight_smile:

I joined almost exactly ten years ago, not quite a year after you and about four months after maschoen. However, that was near the end of my daily use of QNX. By 2005 we had de-emphasized it to near zero, and these days I only deal with it as a “legacy support” problem. Still, I like QNX and I deal with it just enough to make it worth it to keep checking OpenQNX to see if I can be helpful or there’s any tips I can use.

-James Ingraham
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