How to start or open chanel /dev/con1 to Qt-gui app???

Hi, I use QNX Neutrino 6.5.0.
I make Qt-gui application, which start a console-process. App can read all data available from the standard or error
output of console and write data to the form. Also I can to write a command on app-form, and send command to console.
My application work with “sh”, but don’t work with “/dev/con1”.
How can I to start “dev/con1” in my application ?
An example, how my app work with “sh”:
source file;

proc = new QProcess; //sh - process .... //Then clicked on Enter-key, command(*cmd) send in this function func (QString *cmd) { QString *str = new QString; *str = "sh " + *cmd; proc->start(*str, QIODevice::ReadWrite); }

I’m sure I don’t understand your problem, but /dev/con1 is created with the driver /sbin/devc-con.

Hmm, here’s a second guess. You telnet in and use sh and you get the output, but if you run on the console with sh you don’t see anything. That’s because Qt takes over the video. So you can’t do it. You could redirect the output somewhere else if you like.

That’s an interesting point. I’m sure it works under Linux because there is a “desktop window manager”. So what are you trying to achieve? Are you starting the console together with some command line utility? I think what you are looking for is something like “pterm” under Photon? I’m not a Qt expert, but Photon has a “console widget” and inside it can start a shell. At least I think that’s what “pterm” does.