Help reading an ETFS image(s)

I’m attempting to mount a nand ETFS image that I’ve acquired. The image is broken apart into 17 different files like img.1, img.2, etc… and based on the raw text, it looks like they all belong to one large filesytem. But I keep getting an error when trying to load it.

Step 1:
Setup the ETFS driver with 1024MB (even though its from a 128MB flash, anything less than 1024 and step 2 will report an error of: error writing transactions to flash: No space left on device):
fs-etfs-ram -C 0 -e -c 0 -m /root/testfs -Dsize=1024

Step 2
Attempt to load all of the files at once:
etfsctl -d /dev/etfs2 -S -e -w img.1 img.2 img.3… -c
First cat all of the files together like: cat img.1 img.2 img.3 > whole.etfs, then attempt to load the completed file like:
etfsctl -d /dev/etfs2 -S -e -w whole.etfs -c

Everytime I’m getting the error: error writing transactions to flash: Invalid argument, and its basically saying it can’t execute the -w parameter. Does anyone have any experience with mounting and reading from ETFS files that they’d be interested in helping? I was able to successfully build my own ETFS image with mketfs and mount it, so I’m not sure why I’m having an issue with this one.

Hi jwhazel,

question : does ETFS is like EFS ? more precisely the filesystem you can partially show with the “dumpefs” command on QNX OS ?