Building or finding Qt 5 for QNX 6.6

Does anyone know how to build Qt 5 (any version) for QNX 6.6? I took a look at the Qt page on this subject. It seemed like it would be helpful for a QNX or Linux build using it’s configure script. I tried under QNX 6.5 but if failed for strange reasons, eg. no floorf() function. I don’t have a Linux system and I have no idea how one would build it on Windows.

Or better yet, is there a place where the compiled binaries may be downloaded?


It’s been available for a long time through QNX’ “UI Early Access Program”. The latest version provided there was Qt 5.1.

AFAIK they are working with Digia to package Qt 5.2 and a corresponding Qt Creator that integrates with the QNX toolchain, I guess this will be available later this month or so.