Can't run QNX IDE on Linux VMWARE Guest

I’ve got linux ubuntu 13 with gnome on my vmware player, i installed qnx sdk(installation without any problems).
After installation i try to run IDE ( in installation folder) but i receive error:

QDE: An error has ocured. See the log file /home/user1/.eclipse/437958109/configuration/1394401883698.log.

Sorry but you didn’t provide enough information to help you:
Which version of Ubuntu? (Ubuntu 13.04 32 bit, Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit, Ubuntu 13.10 32 bit, Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit)
Anything useful from the log file? ( Open a terminal and type “less /home/user1/.eclipse/437958109/configuration/1394401883698.log”)
Maybe you are having a problem similar to the ones mentioned here:

Ubuntu 13 need to have extra stuff installed check the install note.