Research Nissan GTR/Infinity QNX system

After my first post and the response I got , I became quite enthusiastic and want to try something new.

I’ve got a Nissan GT-R car which is running the QNX OS and a GUI developed by Polyphony Digital (makers of Gran Turismo).
Because of the current limitation I’ve got another video-input on the system and i’ve plugged in an Android box. This is not nice and optimum, I need to press start on the device to start it up, it’s not shutdown properly and this gives issues on the long term. I’m constantly switching between system.

What I want:

  • Install VLC on the QNX OS
  • Set videos on the HD or on the CF Card
  • Somehow the system is limited to display/play 512 songs, I’m not sure where this limitation comes from so try to remove this limitation
  • Probably will buy a IDE to MicroSD converter so I can easily swap/change contents on it
  • I’m willing to pay a bit. I’ve already spend a lot of money on the Android systems + several keyboards & other options which didn’t work out.

I’m based in The Netherlands, if someone wants to meet locally to discuss this then I’d appreciate it.

Questions I don’t have the answers of yet:

  • Where is the OS installed? I’m not sure, I can boot the system without the HDD and it still works. So the OS is located somewhere in the Car, I’d need to find out where.

The O/S is located in a DiskOnChip type solution. That’s why it can boot without the HDD which is just used for storage of media files.

It’s VERY unlikely you (or anyone else) is going to be able to modify the QNX O/S in any meaningful way other than to permanently remove it.


To my knowledge VLC is not available for QNX. It’s not even available fo BB10 so not looking good. Even if it was, it’s not even sur you could get it to work depending on the type of graphic driver and setup being used.

Unless you can get the source code, that sounds to me like an impossible task. I’d complain to Nissan to try to get this improved. My guess is you will have to sell your car and buy a 2014/2015. That being said, the GTR being a luxury and expensive car maybe there is some hope you can get better service/support.

First youd have to check what filesystem is used, it might be the QNX filesytem which means youd need a QNX or Linux machine to access it. It might be even encrypted or have a custom/tweaked filesystem.

I’d keep working on that Android solution if I were you ;-) If a car company wanted to open this stuff up they’d probably not use QNX in the first place.

Thanks for the responses!

I’m also not fond of the way the system is chosen. The thing is, I’ve read about QNX car platform and also saw guys developing products on the QNX platform, that it’s quite open as an operating system.

I can access the content, I’m not sure which format it’s on. I just removed the HDD and made a clone with Clonezilla. Then I’d unzipped the image and mounted it to my Centos VMWare image to access the content.
It has 4 partitions:

  • system kind of data, e.g. \f5u\app\app.bin
  • GPS maps from Navteq
  • Music library in strange SCD file extension with corresponding LIC files
  • Other configs, like phone, voice control, TMC in .DAT files