how to update powersafe file system


i have qnx4 file system . some time my system is corrupted due to poiwer failure. i have to go powers safe file system . please tell me how to update new file system .is there any dependancies .

thanks and regards,

Are you running QNX 4 or QNX 6? The “power-safe” filesystem is only available on QNX 6.

You cannot “update” from one file system to another directly. You have to copy all your data off your fs-qnx4 (t77-79) partition, delete it, and create a fs-qnx6 (t177-179) partition, and format it. Then copy all data back.

Depending on how your system boots, you need to change (auto)mounting so the fs-qnx6 partition gets mounted instead of the no longer existing fs-qnx4 partition. This is usually in a script which is part of the boot image.