QNX C/C++ Unit Test Frameworks


I am looking for a C/C++ unit test framework (like JUnit, CppUnit) that has been ported for the QNX 6.2 RTOS. Can anyone recommend one or more?


CppUnit almost compiles ‘out of the box’. If I recall correctly you only have to add some header directives in some source files.


Could you point me to some of them?


Unix CppUnit should work on QNX. But it gives the error : “Unknown Symbol ; Could now resolve all symbols”. It also generates SIGABRT signal while running on Linux. If you could resolve this error UnixCppUnit would work fine with QNX. Please check whether you are able to solve it out and share it with me too. The link for CppUnit is given below :

comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs3214s/too … itSol.html

xprogramming.com/ftp/Testing … nit.tar.gz


I’m pretty new to compiling with QNX, but I’m trying to get cppUnit to work with it also.

Is there a special command line or make file I need to construct to compile a QNX version of cppunit rather than UNIX cppunit?