Couldn't find mtouch device for display

I am trying to configure/calibrate the touch input on the touch panel.

During the startup, running the shell command “calib-touch” on a display device is giving me an error Couldn’t find mtouch device for display.

Ideally it should be bringing up mtouch configuration module.

I was unable to get any help on google. We are using QNX 6.6 Neutrino but this issue may have been observed on other OS versions as well.

Thank you. … touch.html … arams.html … intro.html

We need more information about your system. For example do you have the begin mtouch section in your graphics.conf file?


Thanks Tim. I have more info available now.

This is configurations in the graphics.conf file.

begin display 1
formats = rgba8888 rgbx8888 nv12
video-mode = 1280 x 768 @ 60
# priority = 15 # screen update thread priority. Default: 15. Set: “screen priority + 5”.
end display

begin mtouch
driver = devi
options = height=768,width=1280,devi_dev=/dev/devi/touch0
display = 1
end mtouch

The touch worked fine when the video-mode = 800 x 600 @ 60.
The problems started when the resolution was changed. I had to change the resolution because, only the part of the GUI was showing on a 800x600.

I have a feeling that 1280x768 isn’t supported. That’s a very unusual 5:3 video resolution for 1280.

This link shows common video resolutions:

Any other choices you can run at (maybe try 1024x768 and work up from there)?


The library developed by third party supports only 1280x768. Touch screen works with 800x600, but the only a fraction of the UI is displayed. With 1280x768, the UI is displayed entirely on the Lilliput and even though touch is an issue, mouse driver works fine with it. Since I can use mouse with no issues, I have a feeling that this might be a configuration issue for mtouch.

Yes, I could look for a 1028x768 display device to test touch input.

Strange 3rd party library if that’s the only resolution it supports. Must be a car type device rather than a normal PC.

If you need 768 vertical I’d try 1366x768 or 1360x768. Those are pretty common widescreen formats that are likely to be supported by mtouch and would entirely fit your 1280x768 GUI with only a small bit of wasted space on the edges.


Yes, you guessed it right… It’s for a car .

Awesome suggestion! I’ll update once I test with suggested resolution. Thanks a lot.

Hmmm, I just verified that 1366x768 and 1360x768 aren’t supported by mtouch on the Lilliput.