The Single Floppy OS QNX had

Doen anybody have that disk img?

I had it, bragged about it and lost it!!! :frowning:

Does anyone still have that OS? (my precious)

Some discussions here:

This QNX demo disk severely lacks some useful features like shell, ftp and serious file manager. Any ideas how to solve this problem?

I’ve also got copies of both the modem and network demo disk @ --cheers :slight_smile:

You might also want to check this article on Q. It’ll get you started with the demo disk as well as show you how to “exploit” some of the features not truly provided. :slight_smile:

How can I save a text I’ve wrote with notepad save on a floppy?
In the save-dialog I can’t find it…

sorry i’m french !!!

→ rien a voir !!!

la on parle de disquette de boot !!!

alors fait comme les autres rensigne toi bien avant de coser !!!
pi si tu comprend pas c encore mieu ! l comme sa tu me soulera pas

merci pour la reloutesse humaine des gens de plus en plus presente sur cette terres surtout du coté des ricains …

fai plais

la dessus je sors

can someone translate it for me in english??
– i’m a german and can only speak german and english